The Liberal Fall Economic Update Shows Lack of Leadership to Get Albertans Back to Work

OTTAWA, ONTARIO– Today, the Federal Liberal Government tabled their fall economic update. This report showed what Canadians and Albertans already know: the Liberal Government has no plan to get skilled Albertans back to work. Instead, they are continuing down a path of reckless spending, increased taxes and job killing policies.

“The Liberals need to change their plan, because their current one is not working,” said MP and Co-chair of the Alberta Jobs Taskforce Matt Jeneroux. “The last thing Albertans need is a ballooning federal deficit and a new carbon tax. We need a targeted strategy to get skilled Albertans back to work, and that is exactly what we are going to achieve with the Alberta Jobs Taskforce.”

The Conservative Alberta Caucus has already begun to meet with everyday Albertans, small business owners, social assistance organizations, university groups, and other stakeholders in order to gather valuable insight and ideas to address this jobs crisis. This work will continue as the Taskforce works to produce a report for the Government that will contain tangible policy solutions and budget requests to help struggling Albertans.

“I hear regularly from Albertans who are out of work or struggling to get by,” said MP Michelle Rempel. “We want them to know that they have a real voice in Ottawa that cares about the challenges Alberta families and workers are facing.”

Albertans interested in participating in the Taskforce activities can visit the website at