Matt Jeneroux

“Calgary, Edmonton and other places across Alberta now have some of the highest jobless rates in the country. Skilled workers across the province are struggling and it is our responsibility to ensure we are looking for every possible solution to get Albertans back to work so they can continue to provide for their families.”

Michelle Rempel

“The people of Alberta have worked hard for generations, and the entire nation has benefited from Alberta’s economic strength. As the jobs crisis in Alberta gets worse, families need the federal government to come up with solutions. Yet so far, this Liberal Government has failed to put forward a jobs plan that recognizes the crisis […]

Rona Ambrose

“There are real people behind the unemployment numbers. The Canadian economy, and the growth and prosperity we’ve come to expect, will lag behind until Alberta is strong again. A strong Alberta means a strong Canada and a strong Canada must include Alberta.”

The Jobs crisis in Alberta

The number of unemployed Albertans has nearly doubled since the start of 2015 (from 112,500 in Jan 2015 to 206,900 in Aug 2016 – up 84.9%) Since the beginning of 2015, the overall unemployment rate in Alberta is up from 4.8% percent to 8.4% in August — 15.9% for those aged 15-24. ... Full Article

The Alberta Jobs Taskforce Mandate

The Taskforce will collect information from everyday Albertans, employers and small businesses, social assistance organizations, workers and other stakeholders all who are affected by the unemployment crisis. The Taskforce will create and submit a report, with tangible policy solutions and ... Full Article